Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New fringe on an old rug is often just the ticket to make that old piece look alive again. The fringe on a rug is not only decorative but it also helps to preserve the body of the rug. As we walk on our rugs we will walk on the fringe and eventually this will break down and wear away. With out the fringe you will begin to wear the body of the rug which can be very expensive to reweave.

Let me tell you about a little rug that recently came into the plant that we placed a new fringe on and it looked great. It was a small old Kerman - jewel tones and very distinct pattern. It had a somewhat long but abusive life on the floor of a larger home. The rug was passed down to the next generation and the new owner brought it in for a much needed cleaning and repairs. The fringe ends of the rug were almost worn off completely and there was minor damage to the sides of the rug.

Our customer chose a ready made fringe with a single knot in a off white color for the ends that would be applied after we cleaned the rug. This poor little guy had not been cleaned in many years and when we floor scrubbed it there was a river of soil streaming from it. After several rinses and a re-scrub the lovely jewel tones of Sapphire and ruby began to really look good.

After drying the rug went to the repair department where the new fringe was applies as well as serging to the sides. This little beauty was now ready to grace the floor of it's new owner's home.

If you have rug that is dirty and well worn please bring it into our plant for an evaluation. We may be able to turn it into your newest treasure.

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