Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Have Dog Hair in my Oven

We just finished waiting on a customer who had a few interesting stories about dog hair in her home. Let me preface this with they own a large Golden Retriever who is just about as sweet a dog that God has ever blessed a home with.

She brought in three small rugs that had their fair share of dog hair on them. She mentioned that she and her son vacuumed the devil out of the rugs last night but in just a matter of a few short hours there were more hairs on them. She apologized for the hair and as I always say “We love dirty rugs” and there was no need to apologize. We are able to clean the rugs and will do our best to make them hair free.

She said that the dog is so sweet but she has recently found dog hair in the oven! She was certain that the pooch only enjoyed sleeping on the king sized bed while they were out but now it appears that he also enjoys a hot lunch before retiring to the bed. What we put up with for our pets!

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