Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Next time that you are relaxing in your favorite chair in your living room take a look at your Oriental Rug. Look at the vibrant colors, the designs, and how the rug is framed by the floor. A rug is really no different from a piece of art work on the wall - only you walk on it, play on it and it feels really good under your bare feet.

If you maintain your Oriental Rug properly over the years you will have many, many years of use. If you vacuum your rug weekly (if not more) and then have it professionally cleaned by us using our wet full immersion cleaning method to flush all of the dirt out of the rug and also rotate the rug and pad, there is no reason why you can not enjoy your rug for many years.

There are "rug cleaners" out there who are very skilled in wall-to-wall cleaning but they are not skilled in cleaning Oriental Rugs. They will pick up your rug and take it to their warehouse and simply steam clean the surface of the rug. This is not good for two reasons, 1.) They only clean the surface of the rug leaving deep down dirt still in the rug and 2.) There will always be a soap residue in the pile of the rug that will eventually lead to dry rot of the fibers.So if you take care of your rugs they will last all of your lifetime and you can pass the rugs onto future generations. Many of our customers are still bringing in Great Grand Mother's rug for cleaning. Please give me a call at 513-251-2351 or email me at with any questions you may have about cleaning.

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