Friday, December 25, 2009


NO FIDO!!!!!!!!
Those of us with animals have all had to endure the occasional accident involving our pooches or kitties and the Oriental Rug.

The best treatment is an immediate treatment. BLOT with a white terry cloth rag to transfer the urine into the rag. DO NOT RUB or the stain will become a part of the rug for ever. You can add some clear cold water and blot some more to try to remove any urine that is still in the rug.
Next you want to get the rug to us as fast as possible in order to begin the cleaning process. If there is only a small amount of urine in the rug maybe just a cleaning and deodorizing is appropriate. However if Fido has been using the rug on a more regular basis then lets talk about an ENZYME BATH. We actually soak your rug in a solution of water, deodorizer and a urine digester. This will loosen up the urine and allow us to flush it away. The first rule of odor removal is to remove the source of the odor - that being the urine. So once that the urine is flushed out of the rug we can begin the scrubbing process and wash and rinse your rug.
Will we get all of the stains out???? Maybe not as urine is extremely hard on the wool fibers causing color loss and texture change, but we can get the odor out for you. I can not guarantee that Fido will not go back to the rug again but now your rug is fresh and clean.

So if Fido maybe was just a little under the weather and made a mistake all will be good now or if he is ill then please get him cured before putting you rug back on the floor.
If you have any questions please call me at 513-251-2351 or email me at