Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rug Storage

At sometime you may be forced to store your Oriental Rugs while construction or some other situation is happening at your home. When this comes up please bring in your rugs for a good old fashioned cleaning and we can wrap them for storage in a tyvek type wrap with sealed ends. We may also, at your request, put some moth crystals in the rug to keep little bugs at bay.

Ideally your rugs should be stored in an attic or perhaps under a bed away from any water. Do not store them on the basement floor as concrete is porous and will allow water to “wick” up into the rugs causing mold and mildew.

I had a customer of mine who stored her rugs in a detached garage on the floor. After two years she wanted to use them again and was very surprised when they were “rotted” away with mildew. So please come to us for the best storage tips so that your rugs will be preserved for many years of future enjoyment.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I See Flying Moths!

Those four little words will strike terror in the hearts of anyone with wool items in your home!

Moths have begun to make a comeback due to the fact that there are less pesticides that we are able to use today that will not hurt the environment. Hopefully you can prevent those little critters from eating their way across your rugs and sweaters by simply taking some precautions.

Moths love a dark environment (under the furniture) to lay their eggs. When the hatch they “eat” their way out while in the larvae stage. There will look like little worms on your rugs. Their have ferocious appetites – but they are “picky eaters”. Wool is their favorite food and will eat the face of the rug while leaving the cotton foundation.
Once you see them flying the damage is done and the cycle starts over again.

You can help to prevent moths by not introducing into the home any raw wool products such as yarns for knitting that you have not checked over carefully. A very good friend went to Africa and brought back a small figurine with a fur dress on and in that dress were the eggs/larvae that started a chain of events in her home that ultimately included a very expensive extermination process. She was not a happy camper with all of the reweaving on her Oriental Rugs.

Also keep your rugs vacuumed and have them professionally cleaned to help prevent moths. Moths prefer a dirty environment to one that is clean. Also be sure to clean other woolen items in your home as well. Last but not least there are good old moth balls. When used sparingly the odor is not that bad and the moths do like them.

If you have an active infestation please call me and then bring in the rug as we are able to “bleach wash” the rug and then dry at high temperatures to kill them.

If you have any questions about moths please feel free to contact me at 513-251-2351 or email me at

Monday, April 13, 2009

Odd Shape Rugs

A wonderful customer of mine, was just in and brought in a rug she owns that is in the shape of a flower. It is a machine made rug with vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow. She uses this rug from the garage into the home so it collects some dirt.

The point of this post is let you know that rugs do not need to only be rectangular in shape. This week alone we have seen flowers, pears, apples and at the holiday times we have seen rugs shaped like Christmas Trees. Although I am most fond of Oriental Rugs I have seen some very nice odd shaped rugs that would fit very well in the right decorating scheme.

As always you should use a pad under these rugs and we are able to “custom cut” pads to fit them.

If you have any questions about cleaning an odd shape rug please feel free to call me at 513-251-2351 or email me at

Kitchen Rugs

A client brought in several rugs from their kitchen for cleaning. I must say that of all of the rugs in the home the ones in the kitchen seem to get the most use for obvious reasons.

In my home we practically live in the kitchen. When guests come over there is always the largest gathering in the kitchen and with all of the people come the spills and foot traffic. So it make good sense to bring in the kitchen rugs more often to have them cleaned.

We will first “dust” the rug which is a large machine that the rug goes through upside down and leather straps “beat” the back forcing the dry particulate to fall away from the rug. Next it goes to the wash floor where it is given an old fashioned scrub with soap and water followed by a trip through the Mor Rug Cleaning Machine where more soap and water and brushes scrub the surface. It next travels to the rinse bed where clean cold water bathes the rug to remove and soap and dirt left in it. It then takes a trip through the wringer where most of the water is extracted followed by a trip to the dry room. There we dry the rugs quickly with forced air heat.

The next day we drop the rugs, inspect them and roll them in kraft paper for the trip home to your kitchen.

Let us clean your kitchen rugs and get them in shape for the summer season.

If you have any questions about cleaning rugs please call me at 513-251-2351 or email me at