Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flokoti Rugs

If you have been to Greece you know what a Flokoti Rug is. They are usually all one color (natural) have longer fibers and come in many different qualities. A Flokoti looks good in almost any decorating scheme and some how seems to be the favorite rug of the family pet.

Cleaning them is somewhat tricky but it can be done. You must, like any other rug, vacuum them often. This is hard because of the length of the fibers – but it must be done. This type of rug will catch and hold the dirt deep down if you do not vacuum it regularly. We wet clean the Flokoti Rugs – scrub and rinse them completely before they are sent to the dry room.

If your pet has urinated on the rug we are able to do an enzyme bath to get the urine and odor out. Be aware that often the stains will not come out.

If you have any questions about Flokoti Rugs please call me at 513-251-2351 or email me at

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