Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Antique Hook Rugs

I wanted to tell you about a very good friend and also a client of mine who has many very old hand hooked rugs that were made by her Great-Grandmother. I am as old as the hills and she is my age so that will tell you about how old these rugs are.

When her GG-Mother made them she took old clothing that the family had out grown and cut them into small strips and then turned each under and sewed by hand the wool cloth. She then hand “hooked” the rugs to form the rugs using a piece of burlap as the base of the rug. She did several nautical motif rugs, the family dog and also a very lovely little cat on a rug.

Through the years these little “gems” were passed down from family to family finally coming to my friend. We clean these rugs very gently as they have become fragile through the years.
So if you have an old rug that needs to be cleaned please bring it in so that we can do an evaluation of the rug and see if we are able to clean it.

Please call me with any questions at 513-251-2351 email me at

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