Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lets talk about good old fashioned soap and water today. So many people think that you can not clean a rug with soap and water. They are afraid of the wool shrinking - similar to a what happens to a sweater when washed in the machine. Rugs are a whole different ball game compared to clothing.

Lets start with the anatomy of a wool fiber. The wool fiber has scales on it that are similar to fish scales. In wool clothing, if the wool is agitated then all of the scales become tangled and the clothing begins to shrink. This is called felting. Felt fabric is made of wool that has been rubbed together so that the scales become entangled and the felt is produced.

Oriental Rugs are gently cleaned flat with a mild detergent that is made for the Oriental Rug. It is applied and the rug is then scrubbed. This process will not felt the rug and thus it does not shrink. Soap is actually good for the rug! It allows the dirt particles to become suspended above the soap so that they are easily rinsed away. Soap is sometimes like a double edge sword - you can either use not enough or too much. Not enough and the dirt is not removed and too much and there will be a residue that will dull the look of the rug. That is why it is important to have a cleaning professional evaluate your rug and make the decisions on how and what to clean it with.

The soap and dirt is thoroughly rinsed out of the rug - which is the most important part of the cleaning procedure.

Soap and water is not "rocket science" but there is a "soap science" that we apply to be sure that you are getting the cleanest possible rug.

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